USB Music Data and Charging Power

Now i know i don’t do many miles driving, however when it comes to plugging everything into the 12v power socket (Sat Nav/Camera/Phone Charger etc etc) it can be quite a mess.

Now my car has a MDI interface that allows me to plug in a USB stick with all my music on to play through the radio which is great, but if i need to charge my phone or use the USB for whatever reason, it can be quite difficult.

So, i am going to tinker with the USB cable and try and combine 2 USB cables into 1 cable. Hopefully i will have 1x Data/Power port and 1x Power only port.

Just need to get the soldering iron back off my Dad.


UPDATE – Here are some images of the preliminary setup. Simply chopped up 2x USB cables and twisted them together.

Confirmed to work on the pc, i can have 1x fully functioning USB and then i can have 1x charging port as well.

Don’t know how it will be if something pulls more power than the other, but we will get to that soon.

DSCF0519 DSCF0520Dscf0521DSCF0522DSCF0523DSCF0524

Next is to solder it up and then try it out in the car.


Update 8th Nov 2012

Ok, so i got my soldering iron back and made the connections and it still works :-)

However, the bot didn’t fit in the car where i wanted it to…DOH!!!

So i have revised the box idea and spliced the USB cable and solder in the other USB jack.

Unfortunately, i didn’t take pics but its pretty simple to do.

Will put some pics of the finished cable up tomorrow when i have a bit of light on the matter.